Thermal Enhanced oil recovery with steam boilers  EOR

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Oil Recovery Experience


I have 30 years of experience with industrial high pressure steam boilers and several years of hands on experience injecting steam into oil wells to recover oil and I can assist you in your efforts for thermal enhanced oil recovery.

I have the protocol for the steaming process, controls, packer and piping installation, inflow rates and operating pressures. I am providing my extensive experience and a boiler is included.

Thermal EOR

We sell steam boilers and related equipment for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) with steam injection.

Most heavy oil recovery is by thermal methods provided by oil field services companies. oil recovery methods oil recovery boiler

Huff N Puff

Stimulation also known as “Huff-and-Puff” assists natural reservoir energy by lowering the viscosity of oil. Commonly used for a formation of oil-wells but can be applied to a single oil well.

We sell boilers for thermal oil recovery and paraffin treatment in oil wells with steam.

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