Surplus fire sprinkler water system with tank, pump, controls

includes enclosure

 Government surplus fire sprinkler system with tanks, pump, controls, heater and enclosure
Can be used for many farming, gardening, yard, etc.
Several available in Western PA.
We can arrange shipping for an additional cost.
2015 DAR TANK AND PUMP SYSTEM  LENGTH: 6 FEET Manufacturer: DAR; Tare Weight: 1250 lbs. Major Missing Items NONE ; Obvious Damage Internal/External: NONE , NONE Description: The Tank and Pump System (TPS) is designed to provide water supply to a residential fire sprinkler system. The TPS consists of an insulated weather resistant enclosure, a water tank and pump, selected controls and alarms, internal heating for the enclosure, and other elements intended to result in a system that meets or exceeds NFPA 13D requirements. Tanks are 250 - 300 gallon water capacity. 

1.5 HP pump. 230 volts single phase

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fire sprinkler system
fire sprinkler system